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Sex and intimacy are an important pillar in relationships, but it's not always up to your partner make it enjoyable. By knowing, loving and understanding yourself you can contribute to the level of intimacy you experience in your partnership. 


TIFF is looking at resources for you that bring creativity, fun and exploration to your sex life. We are even considering offering a class on divine feminine approach to tantra. Check back for updates!



What's Sex Got to Do With It?

If mindfulness can make us happier, healthier, and more compassionate (that is, if the raft of current scientific research is to be believed), what can that same moment-to-moment awareness do for our sex lives? Imagine the possibilities.

Mind Blowing Sex

This article proves that mindfulness enhances sex by increasing sensual connection. The following are five practices for you and your partner to embrace together.

Why Long-Term Couples Still Have Sex

Flannery Dean brings up an interesting point in her article about having sex for the right reasons. Has it become a task or something scheduled? Reasons like this may hurt your relationship so it's important to identify you and your partner's attitude towards sex.

The Hidden Health Benefits of Sex

Not only is sex fun, but it also boasts a plethora of health benefits. Cari Wira Dineen shares 7 ways that sex is beneficial to you and your health. 

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