Being wealthy is more than just having money in the bank and the ability to pay the bills, it is also an attitude of abundance and generosity of the spirit. TIFF has partnered with and will be bringing personal finance content to you in an entertaining way. 


We will also be providing inspirational stories on meditations to help attract more abundance in your life including more abundance of money, love and happiness.





Finances can be a major life stressor, but Tiff has great resources to help get your finances under control and advice on how to invest for your future.


We all know the saying about finding a penny and picking it up, but what do you do with the pennies you have accumultaed? Make sure you're prepared to handle those sudden situations without all the stress!


The best part of life is helping others. Learn how to put your time, money and other resources to good use by giving back to organizations that have made your life great.