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Finding and maintaining motivation is an ongoing life challenge. Starting and completing a task, with or without supervision, can seem like a huge undertaking. Here at Tiff we can offer support and encouragement to assist you in achieving your goals. Life is too short to not live up to your true potential!


TIFF is exploring online classes focused on motivation. Is there something that has really motivated you in the past to shift your life permanently to the positive? Please share it with us!

Self Motivation Techniques

Mandy Bass explains how to self motivate by using mind visualization. Your mind is a great asset to maintaining and achieving your goals. If you can see your desired outcome, then the process becomes just a bit easier!

Find Your Fitness Motivation!

Fitness routines always sound great up until the minute it's time to start. Learn how to keep your exercise routine regular by building confidence, setting time aside and goal setting. These are just a few ways to establish a regular exercise regime. 

9 Secrets of Motivated People

Lesley Alderman has pinpointed some of the top attributes found among motivated people. Whether you already do all of these are hardly do any of them, they are worthwhile steps to try keeping or adding to your life. Get started and watch your motivation reach all new levels!

Stay Motivated at Work

Deborah Brown-Volkman offers great information for those that are finding themselves having trouble with motivation in the workplace. It's important to ask yourself what opportunities exist and also practicing a positive outlook. So much time is spent at work so trying to make it productive and enjoyable will only make the job easier!

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