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Knowing who you truly are consists of knowing and standing by your values and beliefs on a regular basis. However, the ability to observe oneself and reach true understanding is never an easy feat. Luckily, there are many stages of this journey and many ways to go about finding your true self.


Our favorite way to achieve a quiet state of happiness is with inner reflection that comes from a daily mindfulness practice with bNirvana. We recommend you download the app at



Finding Your Inner Self

Learn about distinguishing your identities from your inner self. This blog can help you with that and help you begin your journey to discovering yourself, aside from what roles you play in different social circles.

Find Your True Self Through Meditation

Deepak Chopra, MD says that meditation is the best way to  detach from emotions and journey to find ones true self. It also offers additional health benefits such as a decrease in stress hormones and an improved immune system.

Answering the Soul's Call

Lenedra J. Carroll talks about an interaction she had with a man that had a life full of abuse. They discuss how that affected the person he is today and how even the worst, most horrifying situations do not have to be carried around negatively. You control your well-being.

3 Powerful Insights About Finding Yourself

Bernadette Logue gives great examples of her life and the steps she took to find herself, her values, and her passion. No matter what age you are, there's always more to learn about the person you are.

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