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Your home is a true reflection of your personal style.  You decided what items would convey that style and where those items would live in your space.  Discover home decor ideas that bring together your creative design and personality for a truly inspired home.


TIFF is currently looking for home decor bloggers and writers to provide content for our website, app and online courses. Below is a sample of online articles we found that are appealing to our audience.

Clutter and Depression

The link between having too much clutter in your home and feeling depressed has been scientifically proven.  Take these simple steps to de-clutter your home and finally feel happy.

Is A Tiny House Right for You?

When life seems too complicated, some people advocate this solution: Move into a smaller home to have a bigger life. 

For some, the tiny house movement has become a way of life.

Pinpoint Your Home Decor Style

Envious of folks who seem to instantly know what they love? Who never question whether a new furniture piece is their style because they know so confidently what their style is?  Apartment Therapy can help you figure it out.

Decorating on a Budget

When you have a budget, it’s easy to buy things for the price, rather than buy good things. But if you buy good things, they will always be with you. If you buy the bad couch, for instance, you will always want to replace it as soon as you can.

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