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Having a job that you feel attached to helps you to want to perform it better! When you feel useful, needed and connected to your position, everyone in the company benefits. Does your job help you to feel the way you want to? Find out how to get the most out of your job, don't wait!


TIFF is currently looking for business experts, workplace bonding gurus, and bloggers to provide content for our website, app and online courses. Below is a sample of online articles we found that are appealing to our audience.



Make a Real Connection With Your Coworkers By Doing This

Does your communication style at work make other feel heard or ignored? Maybe it's time to look at how you interact with your colleagues and ask yourself if you're complimenting work that was well done and acknowledging the efforts of those around you.

Workplace Mindfulness

Traci Pederson shares how mindfulness can improve the work environment. When people are faced with many tasks, it's helpful to be able to stay calm and work through the tough times. Perhaps something like this could benefit your workplace!

How To Create Strong Bonds in the Workplace

How does your company connect its employeeds? Bridget Grenville-Cleave offers up some great suggestions, some as simple as how to introduce yourself at a meeting. Company outings are also a great way to connect. Find what works for you today!

Social Media Can Help Strengthen Workplace Friendships

How well do you know your colleagues? Do you know the names of everyone in your office? If they're married or have kids? Cindy Krischer-Goodman shows great examples of how some companies are increasing comraderie in the workplace.

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