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Self love and care is the foundation for creating successful relationships with others. At TIFF, we have gathered resources to help you start on your path to self love and fulfillment.


The task of cultivating and basking daily in self love may seem overwhelming, but we are here to guide you every step of the way. Projecting self love will enhance your inner peace and beauty as well! Come with us on a journey to self love.

5 Steps to a Better Relationship with Yourself

Tara Healey and Jonathan Roberts suggest that taking time to focus on your face will help the relationship you have with yourself flourish. Go ahead, give it a try!

Love Yourself Before You Love Others

Susanna M. Halonen suggests that some people think very negatively about themselves and she recommends writing these things down or imaginging yourself saying your negative thoughts to a friend. Having compassion for yourself is essential before you can truly be compassionate towards others.

The Beauty of Self Love

Practicing self love can be difficult, but it's essential. Nicole Urdang encourages us to focus on being at peace with our bodies and provides excellent direction to help you journey down that path armed with insightful information and encouragement.

Every Relationship You Have is With Yourself

Brianna Wiest offers an insightful look at how relationships relate to the love we have for ourselves. She thinks that you cannot expect another person to fill the cracks in your life; that is something you must first do for yourself.

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