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Learn to transform your lifestyle into one that represents who you are as an individual.  Whether your personal style is flashy, minimal or eclectic, we can help you fine tune that style so your inner image matches the outer image to bring your body into perfect harmony with its surroundings.  

Sometimes it helps to have a personal shopper who can help you create the ideal affordable wardrobe. Coming soon we will refer you to our favorite online budget friendly personal shoppers.



What Your Car Says About You

In the ritzy 90210 ZIP Code of Beverly Hills, California car buyers love their Mercedes-Benz. They also enjoy poker and bridge, according to a market-research firm.  Find out what your car says about your lifestyle.

The Capsule Wardrobe

Simple definition? It’s a mini wardrobe made up of really versatile pieces that you completely LOVE to wear and is rotated every three to four months.

What Your Design Style Says About You

How we style our homes correlates to who we are and how we want others to perceive us, Lindsay Graham, a PhD in personality and social psychology, explained to Buzz Buzz Home.

Clothing Color and Personality

Different clothing colors exude different feelings and meanings, and colors can affect — and reflect — your mood, says color consultant Mary Ellen Lapp, author of The Color of Success.

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