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The connections you have in your life may be life long connections or they may be fleeting. No matter how long or short, how deep or shallow the connection, they are all important and help to shape the person that you are. Understanding those connections and the roles they have in your life is the first step to better understanding your true self.

We also understand that sometimes relationships end and we strive to provide valuable information to you on conscious uncoupling and ways to transition out of a relationship with ease and grace.

4 Soul Mate Relationships That Guide Your Life

When we hear the world soul mate we may instantly jump to the conclusion that there is only one person we can have this type of connection with. Those at present an eye opening perspective on soul mates and their function in your every day life.

10 Ways to Deepend Your Connections With Others

Feeling like your relationships have hardly grazed the surface? You're not alone! Tris Thorp has gathered 10 great steps that can help you take your connections to the next level. Living life to the fullest starts with a strong support system consisting of healthy relationships.

5 Ways to Connect With Your Community

Have you ever considered selling your car to aid in increasing your community involvement? Tammy Strobel discusses this topic and 4 others things you may not have considered as a path to higher community involvement.

How to Have Fun and Connect With Your Family

If you're trying to deepend your family's connection with one another, Natalia Lachova has some great ideas. Some are as simple as eating meals together and others are more creative, like introducing your childhood to your children. You only have one family, so establishing a meaningful connection is something worth spending time on.

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