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Having a circle of people to rely on helps you to feel connected and complete. The people that are in the closest proximity to you are the ones you come to rely on for support or even just a cup of sugar. Learn how to bring your own community together organically and successfully. 


TIFF is currently looking for community leaders, neighborhood association members and writers/bloggers to provide content for our website, app and online courses. Below is a sample of online articles we found that are appealing to our audience.



4 Ways to Connect With Your Community

A connection with those around you is a foundation for a happy and healthy life. Greg Snyder reminds us that it may not be easy, but it is definitely possible and helpful to establish connections, build relationships and watch your community thrive.

Set Up a Community Group

Some communities are overflowing with ways to become involved, but if you find yours is lacking, then maybe it's time to take control and start a group that can bring the people in your neighborhood together. Make sure you're prepared for the task!

Making Friends as a Grown Up

As we get older, it becomes more and more difficult to find and nourish new friendships. These relationships help create a sense of belonging and strengthen the feeling of community. Yolanda Wikiel has great advice for anyone looking for some new friends.

5 Great Ways to Meet Your Neighbors

No matter where you are in life, a move is something that can happen at any time. Having to start over in a new community isn't easy, but Joelle Alcaidinho shares her personal experience and her expert advice on how to cope with this kind of life change.

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