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Tiffany Joy Basse


Tiffany has a Master of Arts Degree in Education Technology and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing and Computer Science. She has expanded her formal University education with a wide variety of experiences and training in the healing arts as listed below. 

energy healing

Master Certification in Intuition Medicine (Studied for 4 years at the Academy of Intuition Medicine and also participate as a teaching assistant for graduate level classes)


15 years of extensive practice in EFT, Energy Freedom Technique (also called Tapping)


15 years of extensive practice in Conscious Dance Movement such as: Open Floor, 5 Rhythms, Soul Motion and Ecstatic Dance


Certified Rebirther from Leonard Orr Training Program


Training in Clarity Breathwork and Holotropic Breath with years of experience



Meditation Teacher and

Avid Yoga Student

Life Coach Training from Falling Awake Program

Served as as a life and business coach for the last 20 years

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